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Where Do You Belong?

Regardless of the denomination, wherever a group of people gather with the same belief and the Holy Spirit’s power, like the Pentecostal day, they consider the temple of God. The Church is the temple of God. A family started under the leadership of Christ Jesus. Christ came and gave us a new family that we belong to. What we do in that family will determine how we belong to it. You can belong to the Church as a part of Christ kingdom, or you can belong to the Church as just an outsider looking in, regardless of how you belong to Church, remember that the Church belongs to God, so how you seek to be a part of God’s family will either help us grow or hurt us.

The wisdom of the world can easily lead us to betray the Church. The world said the Church is no good because it does not do what it needs it to do, but this wisdom is not godly wisdom. The Church is holy and cannot survive pleasing the world, but Church can only survive by pleasing God. Yet, the Church is the people.

Since the Church is the people, the people need to lead the Church. Yes, God chose a pastor or a leader to shepherd the Church, but they cannot be responsible for the Church’s growth. The Church belongs to the people. When we grew in our life based solely on the Church’s leader, we will have failed. A church where the Pastor or the leaders do everything and the people show up will fail. The Church belongs to the people. Therefore, every person who belongs to a body of Christ is a leader in Christ’s Kingdom. As people of God, everything in the Church belongs to us. In the proper Church, the people know their places. They recognize they become a part of something bigger than themselves, something that aligned with the purpose that God has for them, and regardless of what Church you were a part of, remember, it is not the Pastor that let you grow; it’s the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Belong to Christ by belonging to His body, His temple, and we do that by:

1. Recognizing Christ as the leader of the Church. Everything you do, do it for the Lord, not for the leaders.

2. Recognize that the Church is not a place for believers only; it is a place for both sinners and believers. Therefore, you can get hurt by people who have not fully grown in there; the best way to deal with these people is to pray for them and remember that they are not perfect, but they serve a perfect God.

3. Don’t expect the Church to meet your need and take care of you. Expect God to meet your demand and take care of you.

4. The Bible tells us in Revelation chapter 22 that in the end, God will trust us based on how we treat His people. The Church is the best way to feed the hungry, clothes the naked, and give to those in need.

Where do you belong? Do you belong to a church?

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