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The Power of Corporate Prayer

Something is unique about corporate prayer. When a group of believers comes together in unity to pray, an undeniable shift takes place. The enemy trembles at the sound of God’s people praying as one! I have experienced some mind-blowing supernatural intervention that happens when God’s people get together and pray; that is why we always seek to pray together daily. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly amazed by the POWER of prayer. Jesus gave us the prayer so we can become involved in a powerful and divine intervention in our life.

Corporate prayer let us pray for our brothers and sisters.

The Lord’s prayer is found in Matthew 6:9–15. We came to this prayer because the disciple asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Why would Jesus’ disciples ask Him how to pray? During those times, prayer was mostly corporate. Yes, some prophets prayed on their own, but during the Biblical time, people went to the priest to pray for them or pray with others in the temple. Individual prayer wasn’t as crucial as corporate prayer during His time. So why asked Jesus? Maybe, they realized Jesus brought fresh changes to the world, and now they need to learn how to do things correctly. I believe this was the Holy Spirit getting a question open to the public. The prayer that Jesus gave as an instruction to pray is not a prayer for individuals; it’s corporate prayer, a prayer the disciples should pray together. When the words are said, forgive us, it is about begging for forgiveness on behalf of others because there was no I in that prayer.

The use in verse Matthew 6: 11-13 stands out, so God is the provider, the forgiver, and the protector of His people. When we come together and pray for each other, we bless each other. I mean, look at this.

1. If we pray for God to give us (the entire body of Christ) our daily bread, then no one will go hungry.

2. If we pray for God to forgive our sin, we forgive each other. Then the entire body of Christ will receive forgiveness.

3. If we pray for the devil to be defeated and his temptation has no stronghold over us, what are the chances that the body of Christ will be without sin? The more we pray together, the greater chances of us having fewer people who live in sin!

Together, we achieve more in prayer.


In the scripture today Matthew 6:9-15, Jesus told us how to pray, but before Jesus told His disciples how to pray, he reminded them that God already knows what they need. This prayer doesn’t ask God for a specific need; instead, it brings honor to God and helps us live daily as people of God.

If we recognize all we need is a simple prayer each day, then when we pray together, it will be more potent because we no longer pray for our needs but for the needs of the people of God, the body of Christ Jesus.

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